Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last night's PTS event

Last night, there was an event on WAR's PTS to test out the new shortened city siege.  I, as usual, strolled in later than I had hoped.  I did get a chance to fight for close to an hour though.  For a look at the video and my impressions, read on.

The contested stage now only lasts one hour.  This shortened period really does put an emphasis on the fighting inside.  Battles should be a bit more exciting now that winning the PQ's is significant.  I know one hour is much better for me, as that will allow be to stay through the whole contested stage.

I did take some video, although it is a bit short.  I often forget to hit the record key, as I'm too wrapped up in the fighting.

Direct Link.

Overall the feedback seems to be positive.  Next, I hope to see them tackle to issue of too many sieges occurring.   This should help the problem a little, as people will spend more time fighting to get to the city than they spend inside the city. 

Also, this is the 500th post for me, yay!