Monday, November 16, 2009


Just because it's the apocalypse doesn't mean you have to wear those instruments of death and destruction.  Fallen Earth announced a new bonus when you purchase the game which is sure to get you looks around the canyon.

When you purchase the game directly from Icarus (you know, the makers of Fallen Earth) you can choose your own bonus item.  The original item is the ATV, which yours truly has.

 The second option is a new item, the Classy Feathered Top Hat.  A sure sign of classy is when the item is labeled as such.  When wearing this hat, you gain skill points in Nature, Scavenging, Geology and of course, Social.  It also gives you a bit of armor... must be the Prairie Chicken Feather. 

So you can still get these bonus items, even though the game has launched.  Head on over to the Fallen Earth store to check it out. 

I should note, the pre-order Wasteland Runner horse is still available at Direct2Drive. Sadly, I did not see the STEAM t-shirt item still for sale.  This is also not the last item bonus we'll see.  In the patch notes, they mentioned the hat, but also a special Faction Shirt.

Fallen Earth