Monday, November 9, 2009

Combat in Dragon Age

In my previous video, I only showed off the very basics of how fighting works in Dragon Age.  Looking back at it, I don't think it really showed how fun the combat system can be. So today we have a video of the first boss fight.  This may be considered a minor spoiler.

The video above shows one way to handle fighting.  I like issuing orders directly to my party, however it can be a bit cumbersome.  Dragon Age includes a tactics system to help alleviate this.  You can assign conditions and action to each npc and let them fight on their own.

It actually took me 4 tries to win the above battle on normal difficulty.  Each time I failed the Ogre only had a sliver of health left.  My problem was that I relied on brute force which is not recommended against an Ogre.