Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WAR's December Plans

The WAR newsletter arrived yesterday and with it a glimpse of what is in store for the month of December. With the recent layoff's and the holiday season, I was not expecting too much.  It does look like it will be a good month for WAR though.

There are 4 primary items of interest with the upcoming 1.3.3 patch, which may hit PTS within the next week. 

  1. WAR Report.  This new system is sort of like Fight Finder.  At a glance you should be able to see the RvR going on all around the game.  In addition to seeing it, you can transport yourself close to the action once every 8 hours. 
  2. Underdog System.  While the details are still not known, this system will alter the victory point's in order to help the underdog realm capture zones.  Jury is still out on whether or not it will help.
  3. Keg's End.  The winter event is back.  It runs from Dec 16th to Jan 4th.  The  Battlebrew Backpack will be in play, as will a new rare drop.  This looks like a must have, Dwarf Keh handler for Order and the Goblin Bar-Back for Destruction.  And of course, a new Event slot item: the Keg Tap.
  4. Graphics Update.  Bloom and HDR will be enabled on the clients.   I think WAR already looks very good, should be interesting to see how this goes.
Along with those 4 features, there should be a slew of bug fixes.

The next Producer's letter is what I am really interested in.  As 1.3.3 is the bug fixing and polish patch, the next one really should deal with content.