Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gratuitous Space Battles hits Steam

Gratuitous Space Battles is a game where you design your ships, deploy them and watch the carnage unfold.  There is really nothing else like it on the market.  I have always enjoyed the space battles in Star Wars, Star Trek and others.  GSB takes that aspect and builds a game around it.

As I pre-ordered Gratuitous Space Battles, I was able to download the current form of the game and start playing.  Even in its unfinished state is was fun.  Now that the game has been released, it is a solid title.

There are two ways to buy GSB, both Digital Downloads.  First, is directly from the maker.   Second is from Steam.  Either way, it will cost you around $20 at this time.  Not sure when (or if) a demo will be released.

GSB is a fun game on a budget price.  The developer is very open and interested in improving the game as time goes on.