Monday, December 14, 2009

Rising through the ranks

Leveling a character in WAR has never been easier.  Over the weekend I played a bit on my Rune Priest, which was Rank 17.  I saw one of my fellow CoW's was online (Hi Tzu!), who was rank 40.  Seemed like a great time to try out the Apprentice/Mentor system.

We formed a party and my guild-mate sent an apprentice request.  When accepted, it raised my rank to 40, along with my stats and skills.  It only applies while you are near your mentor.  If you wander too far you go back to your original rank. Also, you don't get access to any new skills or mastery points.

First up, we went off to kill a Hero mob for a tome token unlock.  It took a while, but we defeated the mini boss.  For my part, I received the tome unlock and 15,000 xp!  That was pretty good for a single kill, even if it took a few minutes.

Neither of us knew if we could both go to the Land of the Dead.  Using a Summoning Stone, he was able to bring me along.  Once there we headed to a bandit camp.  Much to our surprise, two Chosen were there, but AFK.  As we brought them down, one came back but it was too late.

Now that we had the bandit camp to ourselves, we went to work.  For each kill I gained 2,200 xp.  This was rested xp, but even halved, this was a great way to level through Tier 2.  I was with a White Lion, so the kills came very quickly.

A few minutes later, I noticed that the two Chosen we had dispatched had not released yet.  You can probably guess where this is going.  Soon after, they were up and I was down.  My mentor had to go anyways, so it seemed like a good place to quit for the day.

The Land of the Dead is a great place to level a character if you have a mentor.  Not only did I get scarabs (which are trade-able), but the XP was very nice as well.  Add in some PvP and it was a fun time.  Despite the name, the Land of the Dead is certainly not dead.