Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time to Re-enlist

Mythic has announced that between now and December 23rd, players who have left WAR can return at no cost for 10 days.  No subscription required.  So is it time for you to re-enlist in the WAR?  I think so, and here is why.

Action.  There is plenty of RvR action on all of the servers.  Even if your guy is stuck in a middle tier, using the new apprentice system you can get involved in the Tier 4 campaign.  The WAR Report is a great way to get into the action no matter which tier.

Performance.  Ever since the 1.3.2 patch, WAR's performance has been top notch.  Watch for yourself.  If WAR's past performance was an issue, you really should check it out again.

Keg End.  Right now the Keg End live event is in full swing.  There are a bunch of fun things to do (pub crawls!) and some very neat rewards.  The Black Fire Basin scenario is also enabled for all tiers.  I know, this wasn't the best scenario but it has gone through some changes.  Now that a single flag is in the middle, it is action packed.

Free.  It's free.

Bonuses.  All players get a 20% Experience, Renown and Influence bonus until the 23rd. Returning players also get some free items. 

If you have been gone a while, you may have to transfer your character.  If I may suggest one, head to Badlands.  If you do, be sure to look me up (Tirew)! I'd be happy to apprentice you up to 40 for some Tier 4 RvR.

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