Friday, June 26, 2009

Fight Finder v1.1

WAR is everywhere, when you have Fight Finder!

Fight Finder is an add-on which keeps you informed about the all of the RvR going on in the game. If you are hanging out and Tier 4 and a Tier 1 fight breaks out, Fight Finder will tell you so you can hop on that alt and join the fun.

At present, you are notified via a chat message using the RvR filter. It would like like this:

[!] Heavy Fighting reported in Praag!

Version 1.1 is now available on curse. In addition to command line access (use /ff help in game), Fight Finder will now give you Keep reports throughout the game. This will let you know if your allies or enemies are up to something so you can join/spoil their fun.

Requirements: LibSlash

Upcoming Changes: Different types of notifications, Filter by Tier


I downloaded it the other day, but didn't see any messages popping up. I am going to have to check out my chat boxes today.

Please let me know. The RvR filter should be checked. If you see a Hotspot on the world map somewhere and received no notification, then it is likely a bug.

Is it possible to specify which tiers you want showing? I have just restarted playing WAR and only really want to play my lowbie chars so may just want T1+2 to pop up.

Just an idea.


@Anthony: I do have that planned to add. Thanks.

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