Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It has begun

The Land of the Dead expansion and patch 1.3 go live, today! It starts with the Rise of the Tomb Kings event and culminates with one realm getting full access to Zandri for a day. I expect the RvR to be fast and furious as both sides compete for the prize. The new patch contains many improvements, read the notes here.

Land of the Dead. I've talked about it quite a bit already, so enough said.

Auto-Roll. This system allows you to set roll preferences for loot. It worked very nicely on PTS. It is very granular so you won't have to ever see a loot window again if you so choose.

Lifelines. Regis not included. If you get disconnected in a dungeon and scenario, you will be able to reconnect and be where you were. I really hope this applies to fortresses too.

Deadbolt. A new Keep Upgrade has been added, Deadbolt, which allows you to look the back door of the inner keep. This should stop those pesky ninja's.

Bag Space. Is more bag space the one thing that no gamer ever complains about? Seems like some sort of universal constant. Well, you get more with 1.3.

Sigils. Get your wards by the armor you have, killing players, killing bosses and other ways. More options == good.

Scenario Fixes. Many scenarios have been adjusted. The dreaded Black Fire Basin looks a lot more fun now.

Rewards. Tokens for Keep defenders, tokens for keep/BO defense quests, more bags for attackers if it is a larger fight. Upgraded keeps yield more rewards.


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