Thursday, June 11, 2009

Crafting in the Land of the Dead

Crafting received some additions in Warhammer Online's upcoming Land of the Dead expansion. When you venture to the new zone, you will find several new ingredients that can be purchased from vendors for scarabs. Apothecary and Talisman Making both got two new types of additions.

Let's look at Apothecary first, as my character on PTS is trained in that field. There are actually 6 new ingredients, 3 potency levels for each of the new potions. As I was short on scarabs, I chose the cheapest ingredients. A few minutes later I had an Elixr of Ptra and an Elixr of Tahoth. These are their effects when consumed.

I was able to test the Elixir of Ptra by letting a carrion beat on me. When I had low health it healed me for 1,500. The bird kept attacking and I eventually died, so it doesn't trigger all of the time. Remember, this was the cheapest version.

Like Apothecary, Talisman Making has 6 new ingredients, 3 levels for each new talisman. I couldn't make any, but here are the described benefits.

Both of them sound quite nice. I wonder if speed means attack speed or movement speed? Draining energy sounds like a nice addition for a tank.

I have heard that there are new items to salvage and such too, as a cultivator I was not able to verify. PQ bags still drop crafting materials as well. I really hope some new seeds are available in the zone.


By all that's holy and good, I hope it means movement speed.

Wouldn't that just be excellent. I am thinking its for attack speed though. Might be good for my SW. All those Scout stance bow shots take forever.

It seems the speed fragment is a proc of running speed, similar to that goblin racial tactic.

For energy drain it is a AP drain on being hit.

Correction: it is AP drain on hit. A green R31 talisman is 5% for 10AP. A blue R31 is 8% for 10AP. Rarity increase proc chance while more expensive ones increase AP drained(10 for each "rank").

@Radishlaw: Thanks for checking that out.

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