Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Opening Day Impressions

Yesterday the Land of the Dead opened in WAR. On Badlands, Order won the race and was granted access for a day. I won't be saying that the LotD is good or bad for the game, as it is way too early to tell. I know some people on my server proclaimed it to be awful for the game a few minutes after logging in. Others enjoyed it quite a bit.

When Order is away, Destro will play. Destruction took advantage of Orders armies being away and launched an invasion of Altdorf. A few of us decided to defend rather than stay in the LotD. We put up a valiant fortress defense, but only bought us a little time.

The city defense went pretty well. In our instance there was a lot of fighting until Destruction left with about 20 minutes left. This allowed us access to the PQ. In the end I walked away with a good amount of renown and 4 Invader Crests.

I was also able to get my Ironbreaker to 25 yesterday. He immediately hopped on the first airship to Zandri. Being bolstered to 36 is really nice as I could hold my own. I participated in a few PQ's and got two purple bags. Sadly, the items can't be used until I hit level 31. It was fun and I made some decent experience.

I almost feel bad for the denizens of Zandri. Order was down there in force. PQ bosses were dropping like flies to the massive zergs. This is only temporary of course. Once the newness wears off you will see less people there at a time.

This morning around 11am EDT is when the early access wears off so we will see how the purge mechanics work. Overall, I had a fun day yesterday between the city defense and the LotD. That is what this new zone is about for me, options.


Same effect happened on Iron Rock. When I got home from work I logged in so I could hop an airship to the new zone. It was cool. Mythic again created an amazing looking zone. I only had time to take part in one PQ ... the first one right by the Order warcamp.

And you're right ... Destro took full advantage. Apparently they had attacked Altdorf once during the day and later last night they did so again. My guild opted out of LOTD to go defend and we had a lot of fun. Then it dawned on us all that LOTD will probably make city sieges more frequent. I'm betting what happened on IR and on BL happened on the other servers. Whichever side was locked out used that time wisely to quickly lock zones, take forts, and hit the opposing city. It's actually kind of an equalizer for the losing side. Okay ... you're gonna spend time in LOTD ... we'll sack your city.

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out over the next month and beyond. Once the new zone isn't so new then what? I'm hoping it last long enough with some added twists here and there (maybe a live event or two) into Fall when we here about a pard expansion (or maybe another free expansion).

This is off topic but on the Herald Mark Jacobs is stepping down as the head honcho with a merger with Bioware. I wonder if this will be a good thing or a bad thing.

@chris: Hard to tell. Most everyone is staying put, so I dont think too much will change.

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