Friday, June 12, 2009

Clip Show Friday!

It's been a busy week here on Werit. That means you get a clip show!

On Werit...

Bones for Werit - A package from Mythic!

Crafting in the Land of the Dead - What's new with crafting down south?

Tomb of the Vulture Lord Footage - Small peak into the latest dungeon.

Land of the Dead - In Action - A trailer with Land of the Dead action footage.

Aion, Not feeling it - Is Werit immune to the Aion hype?

Vessel Weapons - Details on how these new LotD weapons work.

Land of the Dead Scenery Trailer - A look at the scenery in the Land of the Dead.


Warhammer Alliance is ground zero for the Bone Blog Challenge.

Druchii Journal has compiled the Diary of Doom for your reading pleasure.

Massively talks about the new vessel weapons.


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