Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You just lost a refinery!

Yesterday was Patch Day in WAR and overall it went pretty smooth. I had some patcher issues, but it was all resolved ones the server came back up. I logged in and got to work exploring the new content.

The first thing I did was setup my Auto-Roll. Maybe it's just me, but I find it fun to see what I got after a big fight. So far it has been mostly green's with some Officer Medallions, but still it is nice not to have windows popping up.

Then I headed down to the Lucky Lady PQ in Aldorf. There was only a couple of us to start and we failed during the second stage. The airship blew up and Order lost the war. The second try we completed it with the help of a few more people. I won a gold bag but the only choice in it was the Shroud which I received for helping out on PTS.

After that I went and did the Iron Eagle quest line. I loved that movie as a kid. Fighter Jets and Twisted Sister, how can you go wrong? The sequels were awful though. The quest itself was pretty good and it paid well.

Then it was into the RvR lakes where the real fun started. I could only play during the afternoon but there was plenty of action. We went back and forth over the Airship Cargo crates in small group action (12 vs 12). I even won an Invader Crest with the help of the warcamp guards.

Mixed in we played Reikland Factory. That scenario is a nice change of pace from the normal rotation. My FPS did take a beating in there though, wonder if it needs some optimizations. The scenario was popping with pretty good frequency. Between the crates and the Factory, it was almost nonstop action.

As of this morning, the score on Badlands is 725,000 to 690,000 in favor of Destruction. The event lasts until the 23rd, so I expect these numbers to get pretty large. I have not completed all 10 tasks yet as I still need the blueprints and two more fuel tanks from the factory.

The event has been great fun so far. I do think the event lasts a bit longer than it should. I'm sure many will tire of fighting over the crates and the same scenario for a week. Mythic does have to accommodate a lot of people, so there may not be much they can do. I hope Tier 3 is busier with the event, could be a great time to level my IB to 25.


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