Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Werit enters the Land of the Dead

Last night was the Land of the Dead opening on the Public Test Server. It got off to a rough start as most people had no idea what was going on or what to do. Eventually Order unlocked the Land of the Dead.

As you can see from the snapshot below, a few people were interested and taking a trip down south.

This is the first view you get when you arrive.

Just outside of the warcamp is a nice look at a couple of PQ areas.

Near the entrance to the pyramid. That statue looks like it is watching me. What am I worried about, it's just stone right? ;)

Here is a nice look at the pyramid. The enviornment in the new zone is very nice. The artists outdid themselves.

I tried out a PQ and won a bag! The PQ itself involved lots of snakes. The mechanic here seems to have been killing a creatures friends before it would take damage.

Now Mythic, we need to talk. What real use is this spanner that I won? How important do you think Strength is to an Engineer? The 2 Talisman slots are nice, but you can see my current hammer there which is pretty low ranked in comparison. Why would I switch?

That's when I called it a night as it was getting late. My character is logged off somewhere in the Land of the Dead ready to surprise some Destro.

The only major problem of the night was that animations were broken on npc's in the new zone. They were a bit stiff.... ha? It was a fun time, but I will be saving most of the new content for when it hits live.


The brown bar in the top right hand corner of the 2nd screen shot, is that the glyph bar?

If it is, does it only appear when in LotD ?

Yes it is and yes it does. Heh, you thought broken animations were bad, I found a random point near the Nikosi Temple that teleports you into the Library of Zandri... and you die! Also, my PQ tracker was missing the whole time. Might be one of my many many addons though..

Keep in mind that come 1.3, there will be new talismans. I'd rather socked an extra 3% crit into that spanner and lose 42 BAL. I think you can only socket one crit talisman, and I heard there were extra damage talismans, so putting in crit+dmg into those sockets should be worth more than 24 BAL. It's so easy to approach the cap of 1050, that losing 42 won't hurt much. I'd keep that new spanner.


Woops. Make that "socket" and 42 BAL all around. Stoopid typoze.


@MM: You may be right. But still, Strength? I would rather have Toughness, a resist... almost anything else. This might be nice for a Shield IB though.

I have plenty of weapon skill to give away on my magus' items if you'd like some of that. =P

Mythic's item team must be smoking something funny.


I have always wanted to try and make an anti-tank Engie build which would need a lot of weapon skill. No idea if it'd be effective though.

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