Monday, June 22, 2009

New WAR Add-on: Fight Finder

I was feeling especially productive this morning, so I made a small WAR add-on called Fight Finder. This add-on will notify you of any fights happening in every zone. For example, if I am questing in High Pass and a fight breaks out in Avelorn, I will get a message.

It is based on Hotspots, so small skirmishes may not register. You are notified via a chat message through the RvR filter. It will only notify you once per zone for each battle size. For example, if a small battle goes on in Praag, you will get a message. If it escalates to a large battle, you will get a message. Otherwise, the next message you get for Praag will be a new battle.

This was a quick and simple project, so please let me know if you want any improvements. I don't feel like registering for Curse yet... maybe if people actually find this useful.

You can download it here. Just unzip it to your WAR\Interface\AddOns directory.

UPDATE: Changed link to Curse.



I'll give it a shot when I get home. This sounds the beginning of a beautiful addon. If it works well, I'll get my guild to jump on it as well.

Sooner you register on Curse the better tho, they pay ya for working and highly downloaded add-ons.

Curse version will be up anytime now.

The major things left to do with this are possibly:

Configurable zone notices

Better notification. Right now it is just a chat message, but it could be a window or something too.

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