Friday, June 19, 2009

WoW adds PvP Exp

With the 3.2 patch, Blizzard plans to give experience points in Battlegrounds. You can read the full Q&A here. At first I was very excited, as I love PvP leveling. Then I read this:

"Experience will be granted based on honor gain from actions, not kills. For example, if you capture a flag in Warsong Hold, you would gain experience, but killing a player would not grant experience."

That seems to kill the notion of leveling via PvP. The following section they even say that they want it to be slower than leveling via PvE. Why can't it be equal?

WoW also does not have any kind of Bolster (increase stats to an arbitrary level for that level tier) mechanic, so it will still be quite painful versus all of those higher level players when you are at the bottom of the tier. Luckily Twinks will be in their own bracket, so you won't have to deal with them. There is also no loot drops on players, so gearing up only by BG's might be difficult.

Blizzard seems so close to giving people a good PvE alternative, but they are reluctant to take the steps that are needed. Add in a basic Bolster mechanic to even the playing field some and grant experience from kills. It would be nice for PvP not to just be a waste until you are level capped.

If Blizzard did make PvP leveling viable, would I play? Maybe. There is still no end game I am interested in. Also PvP in WoW just feels strange after playing WAR for so long. It's hard to put my finger on it, but it really does feel like it was tacked on rather than being planned from the start.


Twinks maybe is one reason too much xp is not going to be given. People in WoW love their twinks. Though I heard there will be an option to turn off xp gaining in WoW.

Also PvP was tacked on. I still would enjoy real world PvP like the good ole days. I think with games like WAR, Blizz realized there is a market for PvP. That's why Isle of Conquest is coming out, and siege warfare made a debut in Wintergrasp.

Though WAR for all it's faults the RvR/PvP there seems more fun, more real perhaps...hard to explain.

Not having a bolster in WoWs BGs really would not be a deterrent for me. Yes, it would be nice, but not a requirement.

You mentioned the two parts that really hold this back for me: lack of real XP gain in BGs, lack of money/items from kills in BGs. I would be fine without items if they would give out coin so I could actually buy better items. The AH in WoW at least use to have plenty to purchase from. Perhaps less so now for the under 60 crowd though.

Dropping greens with the occasional blue would be great.

Hell, if they added that back in, I would actually consider playing WoW again. Despite the twinks, I usually had more fun in BGs than anywhere else in that game. As long as the BG did not run over about 30-60 minutes.

Personally, I don't think any game should reward experience for player kills in instanced combat such as battlegrounds (WoW) or scenarios (WAR).


Because then people just focus on killing each other than completing the objectives. WAR suffered horribly from this as the only scenarios actually played were the ones that made it easy/quick to kill/farm a ton of players. All other, objective-based scenarios that took time or didn't net many kills were ignored.

WoW was a bit better with battlegrounds, rewarding for wins/losses, not kills. Adding leveling experience on top is OK with me.

Also, this roots out the annoying GOD-mode twinks in the lower level BGs, because they can no longer camp infinitely at level 19, 29, etc.

@heartless_: I guess it depends on how much XP they are giving out for getting the objectives. If it is a large amount then it might not be so bad.

WAR never had a problem in scenarios. Sure sometimes a pre-made would go on farm mode, but most of the time both sides went for the objectives.

I somewhat agree with Heartless. DAoC Battlegrounds had it right, you get exp for killing people, and you get almost a whole level for successfully taking the keep.

I don't think it would be too hard to gear up in WoW at lower levels from PvP. I did it pretty easily on my Warlock. Go around 2-3 Quartermasters and you can get a pretty good set of blues and eventually purples.

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