Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bones for Werit

UPS dropped off a package for me today... from Mythic. It is a part of the Rise of the Tomb Kings Blog Challenge and contains a number of things. First, a nice jawbone...

Here we have Day 4 for of the Diary of Doom.

And the Map...


The mystery thickens...nice Werit.

Envy... oh well, at least I solved two of the three cartouches so far. Damn Kotaku's, 60 possible solutions from what I have, and no way to test them...

kewl! I'm impressed with Mythic's outreach to bloggers, that's for sure, and their creativity. Props to them.

so what is the letter for the third one? the one on the chin? I can see the symbol but cannot make out the letter it translates to.

@Anon: That would be a R

@high: thanks!

I wonder where the other skulls are.

Xerb > In a garbage can at the offices or and

If that flag was included, probably something to do with July 4th.

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