Thursday, June 18, 2009

UI Improvements

I spent some time yesterday on my WAR UI. It has long been neglected and became quite cluttered. Using WAR's native interface tools I was able to adjust it so it is very minimal and gives a lot of screen space. Here is what it looks like now.

I am planning on recording some battle videos in the near future, so this UI should allow for much better viewing.

In other WAR news....


You don't use any mods at all? Impressive!

I don't use any UI mods... but I do use Miracle Grow and am trying out WCST and KillingBlow right now.

What does it look like when you are in a war band or group? I will have a go at the minimalist look myself.

Pretty much the same, as I don't use any Unit Frames. I just makes those windows smaller. As an Engineer, do I even really care about the status of other folks in my group?

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