Monday, June 15, 2009

Stuff to get in the Land of the Dead

With the Land of the Dead fast approaching, you may be wondering what is down there that you would want. Gold will not go very far with the risen dead, but scarabs will. With these tokens there are a number of items you can trade them in for, in addition to the plunder from our gracious hosts.

Tyrant gear is the highest end loot in the zone. You can trade in tokens for the Gloves and the belt. The rest of it will be from drops in the Tomb of the Vulture Lord. The loot system is a bit different than other dungeons though as pieces will drop per archetype rather than class. Mythic has said that these drops will be very rare though, so don't go in here with the idea of farming your Tyrant set. The image below is probably not accurate state wise anymore.

Souls are a new type of talisman used in vessel weapons. These can be bought for tokens or looted off many of the denizens of the zone. The longest duration soul I have seen is 8 hours. As they are quite useful (and you'll probably need 3 or 4 at a time) it should be some incentive to keep coming back to the zone.

There are several new crafting goods to buy with tokens. I suspect these will be popular, especially the run speed talisman (thanks Radishlaw!). These can only be found within the Land of the Dead.

Jewelery and accessories also play a big part of the rewards in the new zone. Many new 2 piece jewelry sets have been added which can be traded for with tokens. In the Tomb you can also get a 5 piece jewelery set (1 piece is available through tokens). Cloaks are also included in the sets. According to the devs, these are meant to compliment your Lost Vale and Invader gear.

A new item type has been added to the game that allows you to summon NPC help. Four of these items can be purchased with tokens from a vendor. I never did get to try them out on PTS but they look very interesting. I wonder if they will work back in the Old World?

There are also trophies that you can buy with tokens and who knows what else. I wouldn't be surprised to see a mount in there at some point. It looks like there is a lot to keep most players busy fighting over the zone for a while.


Hmmm some sort of scorpion mount would be cool.

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