Friday, January 8, 2010

News from the Front - 1/8

A long time ago (in Internet time) a guy named Syp used to do Da Bloody Twenty which gathered together blog posts about Warhammer Online.  Syp has since moved on but I think it is time to bring it back.  I'm not going commit to twenty as I have been known to slack off now and then.  On with the first News from the Front!


  • Zam has an interview with Andy.  Mostly general information but still worth a read. 
  • The Vault also has an interview with Andy.  This one has some interesting teasers in it.  Something new coming for scenarios that players have been asking for...  6 vs 6 perhaps?
  • Gaarawarr released a huge guide to the Colossus fight in the Land of the Dead.  If you ever wanted to know how the fight worked, check it out. 
  • Bootae ponders the meaning of Renown ranks.  I tend to agree with him, your rank has nothing to do with 'skill.'
  • Mmmmm Gud recaps the Keg End Event. He didn't like it as much, but he's a Black orc, so what does he know? ;)
  • Speaking of slacking, One Shard posts a list of things he wants from Mythic a little late. Obligatory Simpsons reference: that's unpossible!
  • Blaze posts some stats on the top 10 tanks from the NA servers.  Needless to say, I was not one of them.
  • Mr. Meh is not a fan of stagger.  I like stagger, it adds some tactical depth instead of just spamming AoE.  I just wish the stagger indicator would show reliably.
  • Grimnir tells us tales of life on his Squig herder.  Some day I hope to roll one but until then I will have to live vicariously through Grimnir.  
  • WARJaxxy shows off his Swordmaster in the Mourkain Temple scenario.  Swordmaster is one of the few classes I don't have much interest in playing.  However, they do look pretty cool with a two handed sword.
  • Mythic's Carrie and Josh tell us a bit about the upcoming Korean closed beta test.  There can be only one... and it looks like it's Carrie.
  • ComplexGuild shows off his UI.  That crosshair is actually pretty neat.  There is some death metal music, so adjust your speakers accordingly.  The addons appear to be Yak UI and RV Mods.
  • A look at what happens after a King kill.  I never realized they were walked through the streets of the capital.
  • Here we have a look at the Sanctuary UI addon in action
  • Some warband fights on Karak Azga.  It looks like he sped up the video... fights usually are not that quick :)  The music is not work friendly.   
  • Mykiel delivers another Video podcast.  This sucker is full of useful information so I recommend watching it.   There is some language, so adjust your speakers accordingly.