Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WAR's Population

One of the most common questions asked about WAR is:  How is the population?  As WAR is all about RvR, the population is an important aspect.  There are really two parts to the question.  One, how is it overall? Two, is there fighting across all of the tiers?  Over the weekend I gathered a little info to share.

I can only really speak for the Badlands server which is where these examples come from.  The overall population is very good.  We saw 160 Order players in a Tier 4 keep siege just a week ago.  Tier 1 has also been packed, partly due to Badlands being a Free Trial server.

New players are automatically placed in a starter guild.  In the screenshot above, there are were 107 Order players just in the starter guild.  It was taken on Saturday afternoon.  Some of these are free trial players, but out of 107, there were only 4 Rank 10 players (the free trial limit) online.

To answer the second question, here is a screenshot of action across the tiers.  This was taken on Saturday night. NOTE:  There is actually RvR in Tier 3 but it is in the Dwarf vs Greenskin pairing.  I must have forgotten to screenshot it. 

There was RvR taking place in every tier that night.  If one of your major concerns was population and finding a fight, I hope this helps alleviate it.  In the past few months, there really has not been a time when I've logged in and found nothing to do. You can always check out the free trial and see for yourself.