Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why WAR: Crafting

In the previous Why WAR, I talked a bit about the PvP and why I like it.  While it is one of the best aspects of the game, it isn't the only reason I enjoy it so much.  Crafting in WAR doesn't get the credit it deserves and is a great feature.

Crafting in WAR consists of two tradeskills and four gathering skills.  You are able to learn one of each on any individual character.  The tradeskills use the results of the gathering skills to create things for the player to use.

Butchering.  When an animal is killed, you may get the chance to harvest/butcher it.  The results are usually ingredients for the apothecary tradeskill. 

Scavenging.  When a humanoid is killed, you may get the chance to scavenge it.  The results are used in the Talisman Making tradeskill.

Salvaging.  This skill allows you to break down items and obtain fragments used in Talisman Making.  The neat part is you choose the type of fragment based on what bonuses the item gave.

Cultivation.  Once you obtain a seed, you can grow apothecary ingredients.  This is done in real time, so you can do other activities while the plant is growing.  Once complete, you have the option of breaking down the plant back into seeds, giving you a near unlimited supply.

Apothecary. This tradeskill allows you to make potions.  The ingredients will determine the power, duration, quantity and effect.  The nice thing is that most potions persist through death.

Talisman Making.  Talismans are slotted into items, giving you a bonus based on the ingredients.  Often times they decay over time but not always.

The key idea behind crafting is that it is a way to support fighting.  Crafting was never meant to be another form of advancement.  It is easy to max out crafting especially if you do it while your character levels.

Just playing the game feeds your tradeskills which in turns makes you a more effective fighter.  Even if you like to only do scenarios, you can still take advantage of them.  You will obtain loot to salvage and be made into talismans.  Also players can be scavenged, so there will be no shortage of curios and other items.

The fact that I can make use of crafting just by RvR'ing is what makes it so fun for me, it feels like a bonus.  There are a large number of stats you can adjust via tradeskills, so it really expands the customization options.  The nice part is that it can be done without going out of your way.

That doesn't mean the system is without any problems.  Butchering, which provides its own unique set of ingredients, is primarily a PvE skill.    My hope is that they find some way to make them available via RvR so I don't need to resort to PvE or buying them on the Auction House.

I wouldn't call WAR's crafting the best (that goes to SWG), but it makes perfect sense for the game.  There really is no grind  (if you do it while you level), as you can get many of needed items just by doing what you like.