Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Night of Murder Task List

Night of Murder is Warhammer's take on Valentine's Day.  The only hearts you will find here are impaled on a blade.  This event was introduced last year with some mysterious letters.  This years event is similar to the previous with the marked opponent mechanic.  Read on for the task list.

Nothing too difficult on the list. As always, you don't need to complete every task to get the Elite reward.  There are a couple rare world drops:  Lobbin' Noggin and a Burning Blood potion.  The former is something your enemy can mail back to you.  Not really sure what the potion does this year.


The head on a pike should be pretty neat as is the Butcher's Blessing buff.  You can gain extra renown/ event influence by doing the Marked Quests.  Your targets will appear like this: