Thursday, February 11, 2010

It came from the files

There is often a lot of interesting information hidden within the files of your MMO client and WAR is no exception.  A while ago I found information on the upcoming Scurvy Dogs event and The Ironclad scenario.  In the 1.3.4 patch I found some other interesting information.

DISCLAIMER:  All of this should be treated as a rumor.  The information could be old, just tests, something they abandoned or changed their minds on.  None of this may ever be seen on the live servers.  It is all unverified by Mythic.  For all I know, these could just be renamed or used in their foreign markets.

There is actually a ton of info in the files, but I am not going to mention most of it.  I'm only going to focus on things that are newly added since they have the best shot at being true.  Hopefully one day these will make it into the live game.

First up, two new mounts were added:

Mount - Dumpy Horse Destruction
Mount - Dumpy Horse Order

These may just be NPC mounts, it's hard to tell. 

Next we have some new ability names:

Minor Coinkeeper's Boon
Common Coinkeeper's Boon
Major Coinkeeper's Boon
Glorious Coinkeeper's Boon
Minor Instructor's Boon
Common Instructor's Boon
Major Instructor's Boon
Glorious Instructor's Boon
Minor Herald's Boon
Common Herald's Boon
Major Herald's Boon
Glorious Herald's Boon

You may remember Boon's from the RvR lake Battlefield Objectives.  There are 4 of each, one for each tier I'd guess.  There are 3 sets of them which is coincidentally the amount of pairings.  Of course, maybe they are just BO buffs renamed. 

And last but not least, we have some new player abilities:

Sheet Shock, Conquering Club,  Conquering Spoils, Spoiling Sweep, Squig Gas, Healing Rash, Squig Shackle, Termination, Reactive Reinforcement, Reactive Retaliation, Reactive DMG, Demoralize, Conquering Stand

These abilities are clearly labeled as tests and really could be for anything from items, monsters, events or just experimentation.

I have been on the fence about posting this for a couple weeks now.  Even though I consider this to be a fan site, I still want to be responsible about what I post.  I've come to think that the perception that WAR has nothing new coming down the pipe is much worse than posting some of this new information.