Monday, April 26, 2010

Engineer in 1.3.5

In Warhammer Online's upcoming 1.3.5 patch the Engineer class will see a few changes. In recent history, many of the changes have not been positive for the class.  That is not the case this time, the changes are actually pretty good!  Let's take a look at the specifics and how it will actually affect the career.

First, the notes:

*Electromagnet: This ability will now use Ballistic Skill instead of Intelligence to determine defense chance.
* Friction Burn: This ability is now based on Ballistic Skill instead of Strength.
* Spanner Swipe: This ability is now based on Ballistic Skill instead of Strength.
* Spanner Swipe: This ability no longer requires the victim to be hexed before it snares them.
* Fixed numerous tooltip issues.
* Concussive Mine: Fixed an issue in which this Tactic would remove the Stagger granted from "Land Mine".
The changes primary deal with the Tinkerer mastery tree. That tree has been one of the major complaints about the class.  On live, skills in the tree are based on 4 different stats: ballistics, strength, willpower and intelligence.  Only one of those are actually stack-able by an engineer.  The result was some very poor abilities.

Changing some of them to be ballistics based is a great start to making the tinkerer tree viable.  What does this mean as far as damage goes?

My Ballistics: 964
My Total Ranged Power: +200dps
Tinkerer Tree: 15 points
Spanner Swipe on Live: 296 (hex required)
Spanner Swipe on PTS:  556 (no hex required)

Friction Burn on Live: 741 over 9 seconds
Friction Burn on PTS: 1158 over 9 seconds

Changing Electromagnet from intelligence to ballistics will result in the ability working successfully more often.

The damage increases are nice but that would make them overpowered.  Most importantly, the Tinkerer tree should become a bit more popular.  Destruction, prepare yourself for the return of magnet Engineers!

Another feature of the 1.3.5 patch is the addition of many new models for the scenario weapons.  My engineer wields one which was changed, you can see it below.

Overall I am pretty happy with the Engineer changes in 1.3.5. I have been playing around with the tinkerer tree for a little while and have been finding it quite enjoyable.  The career still needs a little bit more work, but it is in good shape.