Monday, April 5, 2010

Phoenix Gate

Over the weekend, we had Phoenix Gate as our weekend warfront scenario. The ruleset of this capture the flag game was altered a bit.  Normally, any player kill would score points for your team.  This time around, Mythic made it so only capturing the flag will give points.  How well did this new ruleset work out?

In the original rule set, the flag was normally only captured a couple times and the rest of the points came from player kills.  That was my experience, yours may have been different.  By taking player kills out of the equation, it did make the flag much more important.

It was actually fun trying to finish the objective rather than concentrating on getting as many player kills as possible.  There was a big downside with this ruleset though.

If one side is outmatched, it can easily turn into a 15 minute farming session.  The side with the upper hand can take up the entire clock since player kills do not count towards reaching 500.  This probably happened in at least half of the scenarios I played.

On the other hand, matches which were competitive were a lot of fun. Nothing quite like the thrill of trying to make a last second flag capture.  That would rarely happen with the original ruleset.  Tactical scenario's like this are great when you are organized.

I'm very happy to see them trying new things with these weekend scenarios,  Sure, some of them may not be fun but this is the perfect way to test them out.  There is going to be a chicken involved one of these weekends...

If you have feedback about the ruleset, Mythic is collecting it here.