Friday, May 28, 2010

News from the Front 5/28

It's the last few days of May, which means a new Producer's Letter should be out anytime now.  I'm looking forward to it but it will be tough for Mythic to top 1.3.5.  Speaking of the new patch, it seems most people are still having a blast.  Continue on for this weeks News from the Front.


  • It is Pink for Tink week in WAR's Blogger Roll Call.  Be sure to go buy your special dyes while you can!
  • A new hot fix was released.  A bug was fixed which should reduce some of the high damage players were seeing. 
New WAR Blogs
  • Bootae tells us about his first few days with 1.3.5   Could this be the best patch, ever?  I think it ranks up there.
  • The WAR Bureau talks about character naming in WAR.  Some of my guys are a variation of the name Werit.  Others are random and still others actually make sense with the career.
  • Grimnir ponders whether PvE is for suckers.  Of course it is!  Ok that might not be true and I may be a bit biased.  I just don't like having to depend on the RNG to get a piece of equipment, it only leads to frustration. 
  • How is Open (World) RvR doing these days?  One Shard has some pictures (hint: it's packed).
  • Rancid (known scrub) gives us his impressions of the new city siege.  It isn't perfect, but it can be very fun.
  • Did you know they made a movie about Ironbreakers?  He is a little on the tall side for a Dwarf, and was that a VHS tape?
  • Two Warrior Priests versus a lot of Destro.  Great video which shows that numbers are not the only thing that matter.  Music Warning, so you might want to  turn down those speakers.  Great, now I want to put more time in on my WP.
  • The Inquisitors brings us a video about Boss #5 in ToVL.  I've fought this guy once, with a single tank, and it was a bit of a pain.  We just could not get both champs to stick on the tank. 
  • Grudge take their group to Tier 3 for some RvR.  Nice video,  due in no small part to the Engineers.  There is some WW2 footage in there too. Might want to turn down the speakers for this one too. 
  • A tribute to Orcs.  Video is made up of a few games, all involving Orcs.  Music warning, but it works with the Orcs. 

In the past few weeks, the News from the Front's have gotten pretty big and that is with me leaving stuff out.  It's been a good indicator that the WAR community is growing.  This week I am trying to make it a bit smaller and hopefully more enjoyable.  What do you guys think?