Monday, May 17, 2010

New Crest Rewards

One of the known additions coming in 1.3.5 are new time limited talismans which can be purchased with RvR medallions.  They only went up to the Officer level medallions, leaving some to wonder if we will get new items to purchase with crests.  On the PTS, we have been answered!

These new jewelry items cost 15 Invader, Warlord and Royal crests respectively.  They are available for purchase on the normal crest vendors.  There was no mention of these in the patch notes, so it is possible they may not be in the 1.3.5 patch.

The real interesting thing about these items is that they have a decay timer.  I imagine these would work just like Event slot items.  Once you obtain one, the timer will countdown whether you are online or not.  In two weeks time, these items will decay which seems like a reasonable amount for 15 crests.

I'm actually a big fan of items that decay.  All I want to do is RvR and be able to advance and customize my character through those activities.  I'm going to get crests as a result, so having more to spend them on is great!  The more options I have, the happier I am.

That being said,  I am not all that impressed with these 3 items.  On the positive side, they are nice considering the low required renown rank.  I'm sure some classes will enjoy these quite a bit.  Personally, I don't see slotting any of these on my Engineer as I'm happy with my new accessories.  If one of them provided a good amount of Weapon Skill, I might.

Another nice thing about these new items is they are available on different tiers of crests.  This might give high ranked players a reason to keep Invader crests around instead of breaking them down.  We can thank the crest break down changes for being able to do this.  In the old system, they would have to be considerably more expensive or only available using Royal crests. 

It is very encouraging to see Mythic adding more crest rewards. 1.3.5 is shaping up to be an excellent patch.  I'm hoping it will go live this week.