Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Clone Respeccing

For the past few weeks I have been playing a bit more of Fallen Earth.  I've actually played the game since launch and have never really quit.  One of the things I like about FE is that compared to most modern MMO's it is quite complex due to the skill system.  As a result, I was very happy when they announced a one time respec

Spending points on skills is a critical decision, so I should come up with a clear direction for my character.  Luckily my guy just made level 5 so he could use the re-spec.  Yea, that sounds like a low rank but I've spent most of my time trying to raise all of my tradeskills.  I've always wanted to take Fallen Earth slow because I knew they would be making good improvements as time goes on.

My plan is to have a crafter who can also participate in PvP.  I don't expect to dominate in combat, but I would like to be competitive on occasion.  Since crafting is my primary goal, Intelligence and Perception are the main stats I need to concentrate on.  They will both raise my skill cap for all of the tradeskills. 

I find melee is the easiest way to handle combat in FE so far.  I think many crafters go down that path, but it's just not for me.  Don't get me wrong, beating up people with a golf club is good old fashioned fun but I'm a rifle kinda guy. Perception is used in determining the rifle skill cap, so crafting should help me there too.

In the above image, you'll notice I put points into Athletics.  These were likely a mistake and the reason I am using the the respec.  With a skill based game, it usually is important that you focus on as little goals as possible.  Jack of all trades characters often have a difficult time later in the game.

The only skill I need to put points into at the moment is Armor Use.  If I don't, the armor I currently wear would be useless.  My crossbow only requires the Rifle stat to be at 15, so no more points needed just yet.  That is all the points I need to spend right now which leaves me 25 left over.  I plan on assigning those as I need them.

Now that my character is set, I will be moving on to some spring cleaning.  More about that next time!