Friday, February 27, 2009

What to do about Iron Rock?

The Iron Rock server is currently the poster child for imbalance. Since Mythic instituted a server merge, Altdorf has been raided for 6 days in a row. The Badlands server doesn't look so bad now. Iron Rock is not alone, on Volkmar Order is giving Destruction quite a beating too. There may be some debate why this is happening, but there are a couple reasons that this is just not good for the game.

First, when a capital city is sieged it ends up locking down all of Tier 4 RvR. There is only one open scenario and only one place which has objectives. So on Iron Rock, for 6 hours of every day this past week, players have been limited in what they can do (on both sides). This isn't a big deal when it happens every once in a while. When it happens every day, it has to be frustrating.

Secondly, being overwhelmed every day will just grind down the losing side. This is a video game and not real life. They can easily turn the game off and go do something else if it becomes more trouble than it's worth. A one sided RvR game will quickly lose it's appeal for the winning side. It is in no ones best interest for one side to completely dominate the other.

So what can we do to rectify the situation? Here are a few ideas:

Lockout Timer. After a siege, the city would be safe from attack for a week (just an example). This would be very effective in stopping constant city sieges but I don't think it would work very well overall. This is really just punishing the winning side. Also, as the game stands now there is nothing else for the winners to do. In June, when Land of the Dead is launched, they will have an alternative.

Server Transfer. Allow a certain number of Order from Volkmar to transfer to Iron Rock and Destruction from IR to Volkmar. This may work, but I suspect a lot of people will not want to transfer from their winning server. There does not seem to be a downside to trying though, as long as the numbers are controlled. Alternatively, low population servers can have transfers based on realm.

Temporary Buff. After a siege, a buff (i.e. damage increase) could be applied to the losing side (Tier 4) for a limited amount of time. This could effect players and/or npc's. If the defeated side loses again, the buff would be increased and the duration extended. As a side effect, those buffed could be worth more renown. This would give the victors a greater challenge (and reward) while also giving the defeated a boost.

I am a fan of the Buff idea, I think it will encourage both sides to fight. What do you think?


On Iron Rock - I don't think it's just imbalance, Both Order and Destro were either High or Full when I logged in. Though the Full amount was about 100 more on Destro, like 50 to 150

I think it may have to do Destro just Blitzkriegs through stuff before Order has a chance to defend.

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