Monday, February 9, 2009

Battle for Altdorf - Part 2

Continuation from Part 1.

We left Part 1 at the beginning of the Altdorf invasion...

Altdorf was packed with defenders and most everyone was pretty excited. This was a first for many of us. Even though we wished it had been their city, we were looking forward to something different.

I was still with my Sigmar's group, so when we got the popup about the invasion our party leader had to choose what instance we were to join. As I was not the leader, I'm not sure how many instances there were to choose from or how full they were. So into our instance we went.

We were greeted with an Altdorf under siege. It was dark and ominous with most of the light coming from fires. I thought to myself, I really should have read up on this first, as I had no clue what to do. We decided to head to the docks and capture it. This is useful in securing the zone and completing the competing Public Quest.

I had heard stories about empty city instances where one side just farms the PQ. This is not one of those stories. Destruction was well represented in this instance. Over the next hour, we took turns getting to Stage 2 of the public quest only to defeat (or be defeated). The 2nd stage is to defeat the opposing general (hero mob).

What ends up happening is that all forces on both sides rally at their general to defend him. It turns into a massive fight. If the general is not defeated in 8 minutes (I think), the PQ resets. I can see how this would be boring if there was no opposition.

There was also a scenario here, but I never bothered to join. Why would I? There was non-stop fighting in the city already. The fact most people were doing this for the first time probably contributed to how hectic it was. No one had a plan to win, it was more "lets go kill destruction!" There is nothing wrong with that, as it was quite fun.

After an hour or so, I was just too tired to continue. I retired from the battlefield and went to bed. When I awoke, Altdorf looked liked it had always looked. Was it all a bad (good) dream? It appears the invasion failed, this time.

Some thoughts:

Fortress Doors. They seem paper thin now. Destruction absolutely steamrolled the forts in the morning, and it was not even that early. This is why the Zone Domination, coming in 1.2, makes me nervous.

Locking. We were waiting for Destruction to lock Reikland for at least an hour Saturday morning. They really should have been able to. In contrast to my above statement, this is why I am looking forward to Zone Domination.

Exploit or not? Why was Destruction in between the fort and the city? This is not an area we were meant to defend... so should they be able to attack? Kind of defeats the purpose of the mighty fort.

City Instances. An empty instance would have been quite disappointing. However, a full one is pretty fun. We did have issues getting our party members back into the instance when they were disconnected.

City PQ. repeating the same PQ over and over (for a possible 5 hours) would get very boring. More PQ's should be added in order to mix things up a bit.

Tokens. I would love to see a token system in here, so we can work towards the advanced armor sets rather then being at the mercy of a gold bag.

Atmosphere. Altdorf's invasion atmosphere was great.

Even though it was my city getting raided, it was a lot of fun defending it. I hope next time we can give Destruction the same fun experience, but in their home.


Sounds like some pretty cool content. What sort of impact did this have on the ran of Altdorf?

Neither side can seem to take a fortress on Ostermark. They are just too evenly matched, and the defense is too rabid and determined to let it happen.

On the plus side, you got into the Crypts - it's a very cool instance. My favorite of the city instances, actually.

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