Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Where in the World is Werit?

In this frightening picture, Tirew braves trees that appear to be alive and not really made out of wood.

Where in the World is Werit?

Answer: I was in Horrorsong, in North East Chaos Wastes. Better hints next time :)


:D Boo!! did I make him jump? Oh.. what's that grabbing the back of your shirt!

I'm a destro player so my experience of the order side of chaos wastes is not all that great, but i'm gonna take a stab & guess its north of the Kaltenbach Expedition.

Answer up! I need to give better hints.

Zangermarsh? I see Naga in the trees

I'm having a hard time focusing on the environment when I see a juicy dwarf target that needs a-killin.


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