Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WCPI: Garrison of WAR

The folks over at Warhammer Alliance have started the Warhammer Community Promotion Initiative (WCPI) in order to get the word out about interesting community sites. I have been meaning to do this more as well, so this would be a good time to start.

The Garrison of WAR has a nice post about what they have seen on the test server. I should admit I am a bit jealous. Several of his recent posts were in my mental queue to do, but he beat me to it! I am going to have to speak with the security dwarves and find out if there has been a breach :)

Patch 1.2 has a lot of small details that go along way. The dots used to show your party members on the maps are a great example. On Pre 1.2, they were silver squares, now they are green or red circles. They look much more crisp. Also in the post, I learned they refresh more often. That will be very helpful.

We also get a look at the Open Parties and Warbands windows. This is another great addition which should help get you into the meat grinde.... err fight quicker. I do wish they could integrate the active warbands, across the tiers, into the map overview.

So go check out the Garrison, I will likely be adding him to the blogroll on the sidebar soon too.


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