Tuesday, February 24, 2009


BattleForge was brought to my attention by Keen. His review will be a bit more in-depth, so I suggest taking a read. BattleForge is a RTS/Card Game/MMO with a fantasy setting. I was skeptical at first, but the gameplay offered actually works really well.

The Card Game (200+ cards) aspect adds a lot of variety, since you and your opponent can make your deck however you please. There are also spell cards, like AoE heals and damage, which can be used on the battlefield. This adds some spice to the normal RTS formula.

There was a good amount of PvE to do, but really, why fight the computer when you can fight players? After I was somewhat comfortable with how things worked, I did a few PvP matches. Sadly, I was disappointed.

It seems that the problems of RTS PvP also affect BattleForge. Most matches I was in all went pretty much the same way. Rush units close to your opponent, build towers. Repeat. Many of the cards can only be used once you build up/capture resources and it seems (from the boards) that matches don't really last long enough to get there.

Now there is some strategy involved in this rushed form or ring-around-the-tower and there are likely some counters. I was really hoping for a slower more strategic experience.

Another issue is the cards themselves. New cards are obtained from booster packs... which are bought with real money. It was hard to tell if there would be any in-game way to get new cards. I don't mind paying for a game, I just dislike paying for individual booster packs. With Star Wars Galaxies trading card game, they give all subscribers 6 or so booster packs every month for free with their subscription.

BattleForge has a lot of potential and I will definitely keep an eye on it.


Heh, BF beta has been sitting on my computer for over a week now but I just can't find the time to log in. I'm going to give it a shot this week... Really! :P

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