Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sigmar Crypts

Dungeons (and PvE) have never been the focus of my gameplay in WAR. It wasn't until I had a good experience in Bastion Stair that I really took any kind of interest. There was a scheduled run for the Sigmar Crypts over the weekend, so I figured it was a good time to try it out. I had recently hit 40 and had a full set of lesser wards.

My first disappointment was that it was a return to the traditional dungeon. Bastion Stair was part public dungeon and part instance. Crypts was fully instanced and lacked any PQ mechanics.

I found the visuals in here to be very drab and boring. I know it is a crypt, but it really was very uninteresting.

The mobs were also a tad buggy. Many times they would come through the walls or get stuck in the walls. Pulls were also a bit weird sometimes, as the mobs would dart around. The terrain is also buggy, as we had players get stuck.

The bosses were pretty good in their mechanics. I was happy to see it was not all tank and spank. The bosses themselves were quite boring looking though. In Bastion Stair we got to fight a huge dragon. The best we got here was a somewhat cool looking reaper.

Loot drops were quite stingy, and I think we only had 1 class appropriate drop the whole run. Please, implement a token system to go along with the drops. Badges in WoW seem to have worked out very well.

Overall I had a good time with our CoW group, in spite of the dungeon. I'm not sure if I will run Crypts again anytime soon. If there was a token system, perhaps. Warpblades is still on my list to try as is Lost Vale.


Lost Vale has a very nice atmosphere, also less trash it feels like and more bosses (13 in three wings). Just long running if you have an complete wipe. Still LV suffers the same loot issues that exists in Crypts/Warpblade, ie dropping WL gear with no WLs in group. LV requires greater wards (amount depending on class, 5/5 on tanks made life much more bearable for us), so no skipping dungeons beacuse they're dull.
Hardcore Casual comments the ward system at

/Random Commenter

@anon: I do need 3 greater wards for LV. But I have the Sentinal belt and may have the Conqueror boots soon. So I really just need to get 1 more piece for entry.

Correction, the belt does not give a ward (thanks tholo). So I just need to get 1 more piece (conq boots and gloves)

Lost Vale is incredible, it's like an outdoor Bastion Stair with tougher bosses, but I wouldn't take anyone in there with less than 4 Sentinel/Conqueror wards - 5 for tanks.

I'm up to 100 keep takes now, with only a single gold bag win.

I've done BS a couple dozen times now without a single drop.

However, I've only done Sigmar's once and I got Conqueror boots out of it :P Yes, Conqueror boots, because it was a 2 Ironbreaker group and I agreed to let the other IB take the chest piece if it dropped.

So, I have little enthusiasm for Mythic's lack of a token system to get gear. I feel completely shafted by WAR.

Odd, the group I went with had no problems as far as bugs go in Sigmar's or Warpblade. We did have a bit of a time dieing to the little Skaven and his OgreRat friend, but the end boss that drops the puddles and summons the worm-things was a cake walk. All pulls in Sig's went as planned as well.

But yeah, LV is supposed to be loads of fun, but not expected to go in with less than 4 greater wards, which means I need 5 more RR or two more pieces of Sentinel gear.

You are an unlucky man Heartless, never go to Vegas with that kind of luck.

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