Monday, February 2, 2009

Travel Costs in WAR

Recently, I have started to notice that using the gyrocopter to travel to different tiers is actually pretty expensive. It costs 45 silver for the flight. I guess whatever they use to power that steam engine is quite expensive. Now you know the real reason why Slayers have a death wish.

The cost isn't really that high, but it has been hitting my wallet hard. There are kill quests in each tier that can net you about 1 gold and 59 silver. These are great, but there are many times that I am not able to complete this quest in a play session. When I log in again, the battle has moved. So I actually end up spending quite a bit on just getting to the fight.

This is one of the few money sinks for the game, and that is fine. We really do not have a choice about paying it, as there is no other way to get to our destination (other than our transport stone). In some other games, you do have the choice to ride to your destination, although it will take longer.

Right now there really isn't much to spend money on, so this really is not a big deal. In the future, who knows? Maybe we can get our beloved emperor to enact a stimulus package to help out with these fuel costs :)


Wow, I never realized the cost. At level 38, and with a guild tax of 25% and a personal tithe of 50%, I have over 100 gold. The cost of the trip is the furthest thing from my mind, and I can't recall when I even last looked at them. It's usually, "Crap! Destro's knocking down our doors, hurry up and get my ass there!"

Reminds me to the WoW-Time and Goldsellers... and the daily quests.

lets see which solutions they will find!

Lately I noticed the value of gold more then before. Those damn endgame Talismans/Dye cost an arm and a leg. You basically get everything handed to you until you reach R40. After R40 is a different story... grind, grind, grind...

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