Thursday, February 5, 2009


To the people who lost their jobs: There is not much I can say that hasn't already been said. It sucks. Thank you for the hard work and I hope you find new jobs soon.

To Mythic: I wish I could say this hasn't shaken my confidence about your game. How could it not? You have a lot of work to do and now have less people to do it. There is no positive angle here.

To bloggers and forum posters: It is pretty disturbing to see the posts with an undercurrent of glee and smug self-satisfaction that have resulted from this news. If you derive your self worth from online games, it is time to log off and get a life.


Well said!

But as all the companies are cutting staff this cut really doesn't come as a big supprise. Unfortunately this will definitely affect some future releases. Probably not the next live expansion but the stuff after it for sure.

I'm just hoping that they can fight through this difficult perriod which is now following. The next year is going to be exiting and hopefully we see still a lot of tweaking on the existing stuff even when we're not going to see too much new content.

I'd really like them to focus on oRvR keep fights. It will be the end game for a long time anyways.

Good luck to everyone in Mythic (ex-empoyee or current)!

Everyone is tightening their belts lately: the economy has affected everyone to some degree. It's EA/Mythic's responsibility to change their business to remain profitable, and sometimes that means uncomfortable job cuts - something nobody wants to see.

Thank you for being a moderate voice of reason Werit.

I'm still shell shocked by the behavior of some of my favorite bloggers and websites featuring "Crisis at Mythic" headlines. For shame!

"If you derive your self worth from online games, it is time to log off and get a life. "


yup it really is across the board.

Yeah being laid off sucks. I've been there. Then again I'm glad it happened. Cause I'm way better off. For some of these talented people, I like to think they will be ok.

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