Friday, February 6, 2009

Tirew turns 40!

Yesterday, during a Serpents Passage map, Tirew hit rank 40! This is my first character to reach the level cap in WAR. His renown Rank is 41, so I just had to wait for the XP to catch up. He actually leveled during a fight with a Witch Elf, which I thought was appropriate.

Tirew, formally known as Werit, was the first character I created during the Head Start period. It has taken about 5 months for me to hit the level cap. In game time, I am at 14 days. He was born on the Averheim server, which sadly had to be merged. When I came to Badlands, Werit was already taken. That is where we get Tirew from.

Overall, I have quite enjoyed the last 5 months in Warhammer Online. I never felt that the leveling process was a grind. This is likely due to the fact I could level however I wanted. I would say that I spent 95% of my time leveling by RvR. Sure it was slower, but I never felt rushed. I was having fun throughout the 40 levels, not just the end.

So what's next for Tirew? He will continue to take the fight to those dirty Destruction. There may be an end-game dungeon mixed in here or there as well. Having a couple Sentinel pieces could not hurt. Maybe I'll get lucky and grab some Conqueror armor, of course I only see a piece drop about once a week.

You may also start to hear about an alt now. I have an IB and WH both near Rank 12. I also want to try a WL... so who knows what alt I will seriously work on?


Grats on 40 and enjoying the ride up to there ;)

Coungratulations! :)

Yitu - a "German Blogger"

Woohoo! It was definitely a sigh of relief when I made it to 40 :)

Well done: and your RR is at pace with your Rank, which means you leveled up the same as I did, mixing scenarios, oRVR, and a dash of PVE.

Isn't it great how varied the day-to-day WAR gameplay activities can be? By this time in most MMO's I would already be playing the auction house mini-game and farming raid supplies.

Bout time...geez. j/k

Congo no laying about we got a lot of renown to get. So get to work you lazy stuntie!

I have a feeling, this week there will plenty of renown to go around due to Night of Murder.

I'm sure many Chosen will be marked, which is depressing since they take so long to kill :)

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