Thursday, February 12, 2009

Werit awash in 1.2 Notes

The patch notes for WAR version 1.2 have arrived. You will no doubt be reading about them on all sorts of places today. Given the sheer amount of information in those patch notes, I will separate my thoughts into several posts.

Lets start with my overall impressions:

Zone Domination. As I mentioned before, it sounds good but makes me nervous. Will we end up with several city attacks a week? Only time will tell. Something had to change though.

Rallying Cry. Get to the action quicker? Count me in. This sounds like a great change. I wonder why it is limited to T1 and T2 though, is it because of mounts? It's a long ride from one end of Dragonwake to the other.

Crafting Overhaul. I really like the sound of this. My crafting died long ago, never making it over 50. Will it solve my issues with crafting and RvR? We will see, but it certainly looks more fun. Sounds like you'll be able to switch gathering abilities with the patch.

UI improvements. I am very excited about these. It will be great to have more visibility about the world and more information.

Potions. Potions persist after death now! I will actually use them in RvR... great change.

Disorient fix. Thank you. This will make the game much more enjoyable for me and I am sure many others.

Magic Pets. No more squigs following me into the keep, yay! It affects lions too. Now if they can just fix the turrets/magus pets.

Abandoned Mounts. Finally, no more mounts left behind. In big fights this got very annoying.

And now for a What the....

Terrible Embrace. Somehow Terrible Embrace got buffed in 1.2. TE now has a 1 second cast time and can be cast on the move. That is just crazy. I get pulled a fair amount right now. I at least have a chance at escaping though.

With this change, I will have no chance to escape the pull. With a 1 second cast time there is not enough time to interrupt. Now that it can be cast on the move, I will not be able to run out of range. I really don't know why they didn't just make Fetch and TE equal.

I am very excited for 1.2 to come out, as the patch notes sound great.


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