Friday, February 6, 2009

The Night of Murder is upon us!

It has arrived! Below is the Tome page for the latest live event, Night of Murder. It looks much less painful than Kegs End. Although, 10 Keep Lords seems a bit high. I would have gone with 5. This event really is all about killing... as it should be. Be sure to click on the Live Event tab multiple times :)

The elite reward is a piece of jewelry that is for a subset of classes (you have 4 options to choose from). It has an attribute bonus (i.e. Toughness), some nice +100 resists and a +5% gold or renown bonus. The advanced Reward is a trophy, and the basic reward grants you a title.

Here is a list of the requirements for the event:

See you on the battlefield!


sounds great, btw whats that skull of enemy player? do players drop skulls upon death or what? that could be awesome :-P especially if you could send it to him via mail :-P

It sure sounds like players skulls are lootable.

Those tasks are brilliant! All about murdering other players, with one real exception. Can't wait to get home and pin-cushion people with my new 40. Grats to you on yours as well!

Every time I see the Tome, it reminds me that they recently laid off the person responsible for it. Sad.

Carrie Gouskos still works at Mythic.

I got most task in a session of 2 hours. It seems to be a better "Events" as the last 3 once.

Greetz from germany,


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