Monday, February 9, 2009

Battle for Altdorf - Part 1

Saturday was a very interesting day for me in WAR. I got my first look at a city siege and I took my first trip into Sigmar's Crypt. I will be saving the dungeon run for another post. The city siege was the first one on the Badlands server, at least since the server merges. Destruction had gotten close before, but this time they actually broke through.

I logged in around 9:30am to find that Eatine was just about locked down by the forces of Destruction. Using a guild recall scroll, I got to Altdorf and took the south exit to Reikwald. From Reikwald, I took the Northern path to Shining Way. Once at the fortress, I took a position on the middle wall just as Eatine fell.

Destruction was on the door almost immediately. Sadly, there was only a handful of defenders at the fort. In approximately 3 minutes, the outer door was down. I was pretty surprised by the speed, so was caught off guard. I had to take the long way around the inside of the outer wall to get to the inner keep. I was not quite stealthy enough and was killed near the inner keep postern door. A kindly Warrior Priest rezzed me.

As soon as I was rezzed, I was being attacked. The door to the inner keep had already fallen. It was only about 3 minutes since the outer door fell. I ran up to the Lords room, but it was just delaying the inevitable. The fortress fell a few minutes later. Shining Way was owned by Destruction.

Order was now starting to get organized, so we all descended upon Reikland. We found Destruction was here in force already. We were pushed away from their keep by overwhelming numbers. Reikland looked like it was going to fall as well. So the call went out to man the Reikwald fortress for a final defense. This time we would be ready.

We waited for an attack that never came. Destruction was not able to lock down Reikland. It seemed as if they were 1 victory point short. There was some excitement, as Destruction had found their way to the rear of our fortress, between the fort and the city. This seems like an oversight on Mythic's part, as they should not be back there.

Fast forward 12 hours. I logged in for a Sigmar's Crypt run. During the run, Destruction made another push. This time they set their sights on the Dwarf fortress of Stonewatch. They had to hurry though, as Shining Way was close to being reset. they managed to defeat a full defending force of Order, but not before Shining Way reset. Undeterred, Destruction attacked Reikland and locked it.

Reikwald was the last stop before they gained access to the city. We listened to the defense reports on the regions channel and it did not look good. As we finished our crypts run. Reikwald fell. Not many of us knew what to even expect next. The invasion of Altdorf had begun.

Continued in Part 2.


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