Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crafting and RvR

Crafting in Warhammer takes the form of 4 gathering skills and 2 tradeskills. It is unlike most other MMO's as there are no recipes to learn. You can read the details here. While I do like the system, it needs some improvement. This is especially true from the RvR standpoint. I predominately play WAR in the RvR lakes and here, not all crafting is created equal.

Butcher. This skill is used on animals and can net you mostly organic ingredients. In PvE, animals are plentiful. In PvP, not so much. This is not useful in RvR.

Cultivating. Grow seeds into plants and my profession of choice. However, seeds do not drop in RvR. Without the raw material's it makes this skill useless (or quite expensive) in RvR. You can get some ingredients from bags, but that usually is not enough to sustain your need.

Salvaging. In this skill, you can break down items into shards with specific stats. As players do drop loot, this can be useful in RvR.

Scavenging. The same as Butchering, but for humanoids. This is very useful in RvR (and PvE), as players are humanoids.... even Orcs. There is plenty to scavenge.

Talisman Making. This tradeskill uses the results of Scavenging and Salvaging to make long lasting buffs. As the ingredients are available from RvR, this is a decent profession to take (but can be difficult to level).

Apothecary. This tradeskill uses the results of Cultivating and Butchering primarily. As they are not really options in RvR, apothecary becomes difficult as well. At present, the potions you make do not last beyond death which is a very big drawback. You die a lot in RvR. (NOTE: The near future may bring us a change to this!).

We can currently level 100% by just doing RvR, however it does not seem possible to level up crafting at the same time. Cultivation should be viable in RvR. I'm not sure I want players to be dropping seeds as that would cause many many popups. Maybe we can gain access to vendors that sells all types of them and use tokens as currency. The vendors in the guild halls are nice, but really not sufficient.


Great post Werit, wish I thought out my crafting stuff better, now I'm stuck.

De-lurking from comments to toss out the idea I had earlier today-

Why not remove the hard-coded wards from the dungeon/RvR sets, and provide the wards through high(est?) end talismans and potions, that require components from the dungeons and forts/keeps? In particular, if they made the potions "ward" buff last through death, and added an additional "ward talisman" slot to *all* blue and/or purple items.

Seem like it would be an easy way to open up gear options, stimulate the economy, and add some value to the crafting.

It'd also be nice to add some extra options for weapon proc talisman's and potions (e.g. the Firey/Icy enchaments in WoW)

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