Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Traps in Land of the Dead

One of the fun parts of the RvR Dungeon (Darkness Falls, Delving in LoTRO) is the time when control switches over. At Mythic, they call this the Purge. Does that make the time before the changeover, the Binge? Anyway... it sounds like they want to spice up this occurance in their new effort, Land of the Dead.

In the recent IGN video, we get a brief glimpse at one of their ideas (12 minutes or so in). There is a hallway with a rather large swinging pendulum. It is an obstacle/trap, which can be enabled and disabled by the players. So lets say you are getting chased (or chasing) your enemy. You can turn on this trap ahead of them, or behind you.

It sounds like a great way to make the whole Purge be even more dynamic. It would be interesting if crafting/loot could play a part in setting up these traps. Let's say you find/craft some spikes. You can load them into a trap which would enable it.

I hope there are other traps. 3 words... Giant Rolling Boulder.


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