Friday, February 13, 2009

If you could reroll...

Q: If you had the one-time choice (in any MMO) to switch your class with another, retaining level and similar equipment, would you? If so, what change you would make?

For me, it would be my WoW Warrior. As much as I like Titans Grip and their tanking, I would trade him for a Paladin. They are just so much more versatile with their healing options.

In WAR, I am pretty happy with my Engineer.


Warrior to Paladin, they tank better.

That's about it for me.

I'd remove paladins from the game since Blizzard really can't balance them. Does that count?

Maybe, maybe, maybe my SW for KotBS. As is though, I love my Shadow Warrior, even if they are ignored by the devs and focused on by Destro for kills ;)

Mine would be my warrior on WOW. I only play him now to mine nodes.

I would maybe, maybe consider trading my DoK for a BO or BG, as I miss tanking and tanks are so useful in RvR. It's also painful to level my BG now, when I have the pull of T4 RvR whenever I log on.

That said, looking forward to playing a Choppa soon, and the gf will play a BO along with me. Once we hit 40, that will give me the T4 option of playing a DoK, WE, Choppa, or BO.

Trade my Chosen in...have you lost your damn mind!!!

In WoW, maybe trade my warrior for a lock or something. I got damn near every toon on WoW, and the one I like and settled with is the Mage.

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oops cocked that comment up above...
I'm happy with my Chosen in WAR and with my old WoW characters, so I think I would go for changing my DAoC Paladin to an Infiltrator for some more dirty sneaky action. ;)

Playing WoW I used to rant about my Mage a lot. It is too squishy. But after trying out DK I realized that the Mage was the only class for me (in WoW at least).
I play an Engy in WAR and I really don't feel like switching. My Engy is just too fun ^_^ But if I had to switch I'd roll a Rune Priest.

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