Monday, March 2, 2009

RvR Finale and a Keep Door Change

Last night was the RvR Finale on PTS. I was only able to participate for an hour, but it was a blast. There were a ton of people on and plenty of RvR to be had. It really was just a massive back and forth brawl rather than a real attempt to lock the zone. They broke out Rank 40 templates for the Slayers and Choppa's, so they were there in force. A lot of people, including myself, showed up in their normal classes, so it was not too out of balance.

This kind of situation was made for an Engineer. So many targets, so close together. I was tossing out Napalm and land mines like crazy. I'd like to think the disorient (now fixed) I have added to the mine is somewhat annoying to Destruction. On region chat, there was much talk about Get to Da Choppa. As I was not on the front lines I did not get pulled in by it much, so I can't talk much about it. the Slayers do not have anything like it, which is probably a source of frustration.

One interesting piece of news I heard in regional chat was the there was a keep door change. It seems that only a ram could damage the door. I did not go to a keep to verify, but if it is true it is an interesting change. It will slow down massive assaults but also put a lot of people out of work as there can only be so many people using the ram. Again, I'm not sure if this is actually true or not, anyone else know?

Here are a few screenshots from the action last night:


From what I remember reading on the Mythic site (and I don't believe I imagined it), keep doors will be susceptible to other kinds of damage, but only AFTER they've been hit by a ram for "some" amount. So, a non-ram bearing war band will be out-of-luck.

Nice screenshots, I think I see my dead corpse in the first one:P As for the Keep doors I was never able to do any damage to them on pts. Even after a ram had been set up and the door was near buckling. Personally, I think it's a step in the right direction. Might have just been a bug not being able to damage it after a ram had been set up and on it for awhile.

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