Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boldly go...

where no Dwarf has gone before.

I like Star Trek. I would never dress up as a character or go to a conference, but I am a fan. You know those Star trek: The Next Generation Season DVD sets? I own them all. Expensive suckers, yay for Christmas presents over many years. I would like to get Deep Space Nine too, but I want to see if they release a HD version.

Star Trek Online is a game I am very much looking forward to. Long ago I played some Star Trek themed MUSHS/MUDs, and they were awesome. I played Star Trek on my Sega Genesis quite a bit too. Overall, there have been no killer Star Trek games. Hopefully STO will be it.

As a result, you will see increased STO coverage on my blog. I don't anticipate it taking the place of other content though, it is just an addition. Much of the game is still an unknown, but as we all know, speculation is fun.


Hehe.. I'm also thinking about writing something about STO, but don't have enough time atm for that. It's early anyways so it doesn't matter that much ;)

At least the first snippets of information on the official webpage sound interesting to me.

looking forward to it. I hope they don't screw this game up. I'm not hardcore trekkie either but I'm interested.

If I can play a Klingon, and blast mofos out of space...they got me hooked. I was a huge fan of the game Klingon Academy.

heh, I think STO just found their tagline.

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