Friday, March 6, 2009

Zone Domination: Yay or Nay?

One of the many new things that the 1.2 patch brought us is zone domination. An alternative approach to lock a zone, centered in the RvR lakes. Prior to release, there was much debate about how well it would work.

Q. How do you like Zone Domination so far?

I am enjoying it. It's simplicity makes for a more fun experience. Also, the timers let you see an end is in sight. When the timers get close to zero, you start to feel a sense of urgency to take back an objective or defend it. I think that is something that was lacking with the old zone locking system.

It is too soon to say if it has been a success or not. Once the 1.2 population inflation settles down, we'll better be able to see the long term effect.


I think I need to play Domination mode for a good couple of weeks, maybe more before I make a decision. But it's definitely spiced things up.

Personally I've really liked the domination system just because it gets more people into the RvR lakes, and it makes more sense..

Previously having to have half your force abandon the RvR lake to go do Public Quests was pretty silly. Now, the side with the most players will likely win, but even losing, its much more fun =)

I give it a yay!

Even with the 'AoE problem' more people are out jsut having a bash at each other.

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