Monday, March 16, 2009

Warhammer Problem

The 1.2 patch brought us many nice improvements. Zone Domination, better class balance and improved crafting were all welcomed additions. As with most things, some not so good things tagged along.

Ever since 1.2, stability has been awful. I'm not sure whether or not this is a widespread problem. I seem to get disconnected several times a hour. Prior to the patch, this was a very rare occurrence.

As I do most of my fighting in the RvR lakes, I tend to be in the vicinity of a battlefield objective. When you get disconnected here, you spawn back at the warcamp. In some zones, this is just a minor inconvenience. However, when your warband is at the south end of Dark Crag, it is extremely frustrating.

I am pretty forgiving with MMO problems, as they are living products. However, this courtesy does not extend to stability issues; especially ones that are newly introduced. I really hope to see some news on this being fixed, as it will lessen the amount of time I give to WAR.


I agree,
1.2 fixed some bugs but introduced at least as many new ones. It seems that some of the same bugst that were in launch are back. Mobs are really bugged again. Mobs keep running to a point and resetting again and again. They are out of range often and reset in combat. PvE is really close to unplayable currently. I find this really dissapointing as at least I was waiting the 1.2 to be the patch that actually fixes most of the stuff and we can start really enjoying the game. To me the 1.2 was a big step backwards. It breaks my heart to say but I am really close of quiting this game :-( I don't want to do it but the constant bugs are making it really hard to love this game...

Odd. I've not had a single disconnect yet in patch 1.2. Try disabling addons. I've heard some are causing problems, but nobody's said which specific ones.


I would also say try disabling addons; I crashed the first day due to Kazad Dammaz? addon, removed it and haven't crashed since =)

I'll give it a shot, but I am not crashing. I get disconnected, and the server will not let me back in.

I missed the distinction between crash and disconnect. My friend had the same problem recently. Are you using a NetGear router? Their latest firmware is causing alot of sporadic disconnects for some people. If so, try dropping to the 2nd to latest firmware version. That fixed his problem immediately.

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