Thursday, March 12, 2009

Business Questions

My main character in Eve Online is specialized in Industry. For as long as I can remember, I've always liked making stuff. While I do many activities in Eve (Mining, Missions and Manufacturing), much of my time lately has been spent getting my manufacturing going.

So far it has been going really well, in fact, too well. I primarily produce modules for ships and I just can't keep up with demand. By nature I am a conservative type, so I try to keep a nice cash reserve. This means I only like to have about 50% of my cash reserve in sell orders. So If I have 10 million isk, I like to have products worth 5 million isk in sell orders.

I am also lazy.... I mean efficient. I generally operate out of a single solar system (with a couple exceptions). So to get the raw materials, I use buy orders. As the system is busy (not Jita busy), they get filled eventually.

My problem is that I am still working from a on-demand perspective. I do not keep a stock of goods and rarely have replacements ready when I'm sold out. Manufacturing times plus buy order filling times seem to make this pretty tough.

I am pretty small still, but seem to be getting close to making the next step. How do you Eve producers handle all of this?


Shameless bump. dying to read some experts view on this one.

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