Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RvR Quests

Is it just me or are there way too many RvR Quests? Let's take a look at the Tier 4 repeatable RvR quests.

Each BO and Keep has a kill quest, 9 zones * 6 quests = 54 quests

Each zone gets a 25 player kill quest, that's another 9 quests.

The leaders give out a banner shred quest, so that is another 3.

The emperor gives out an Inevitable City capture quest (not sure if it is repeatable): Add 1 more.

We have new RvR quest lines, 1 in each warcamp (I think). I won't count all the stages, but that is another 9.

That gives us a grand total of 76 repeatable RvR quests in tier 4!

To me, that is just entirely too many quests. How many people actually defend an objective based on the kill quest given there? I would gather not too many. Now that we have Zone Domination, there is reason to keep these out of the enemies hands.

It may be time to drop all of the kill quests (except scenario ones). They would be much better served with a Kill Collector instead. No more quest hassle. Just rewards for killing players, wherever they may be.

Speaking of rewards, the Emperor is rather cheap. The reward for capturing the Inevitable City is a whopping 3,600 exp and 26 silver! How generous. This quest, Capture the Enemy Lair, should be looked at and adjusted to give a proper reward. Same goes for the banner/insignia quests, it is barely worth my time to redeem those.

The 1.3 patch may be a great time to address RvR quests due to the new expanded influence bars and possible token system. Gold is always welcome, but perhaps a choice between these other types of rewards too. For example, I'd love to be able to get seeds for cultivating from RvR.


It would be good if there was one BO and one Keep kill quest. You can pick the quest at BO1 and you could finish it by defending BO2 or BO3. Same for the Keep version.

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